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I choose tolerance!
„Tolerance must be intolerant to intolerance” (Immanuel Kant)

Tolerance according to the current definition is an informed consent for all forms of diversity.
It means treating all views, beliefs and social attitudes as equal.
It is rejection of discrimination in every aspect of life.
Is really such a definition valid? Is tolerance in the world we are living now common? Although we live in the twenty-first century, we become more modern and open, often our biggest problem is the fear of breaking cultural barriers. We fear accepting as real all other ideas except our own. Fear, which gives rise to aggression, discrimination and violence on cultural and ethnical background. But tolerance is one of the most important elements of the ideology of a united Europe. web site was established to promote basic human rights and the measures taken to fight for freedom and human dignity. You will find here current information on all actions, programs and initiatives undertaken to protect human rights. You will learn what organizations support such actions and what documents they regulate.